2015 Acura MDX Advance and Entertainment Pkg 

  • $55k
  • 3.5L V6
  • 20 city 28 hwy
6.9 Out of 10
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MDX Advance and Entertainment Pkg
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MDX Advance and Entertainment Pkg
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MDX Advance and Entertainment Pkg
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MDX Advance and Entertainment Pkg
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MDX Advance and Entertainment Pkg

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MDX Advance and Entertainment Pkg

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MDX Advance and Entertainment Pkg

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MDX Advance and Entertainment Pkg

Annual Fuel Cost The cost of fuel to drive 15,000 miles each year.

MDX Advance and Entertainment Pkg

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8.7 Out of 10

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Brand Acura
Model year 2015
City range 390 miles
Highway range 546 miles
MSRP $55k
Annual cost $13,328

Manufacturing Emissions

Energy per car made 1,916 kWh/vehicle

power & handling

Max HP 290 HP @ 6,200 RPM
Power-to-weight ratio 14.15 lb/hp
Curb-to-curb turning radius 37.6 feet

stereo & entertainment

AM/FM radio N/A
CD player N/A
CD changer N/A
Satellite radio N/A
Entertainment system N/A


Cruise control N/A
Front A/C N/A
Front passenger A/C N/A
Keyless entry N/A
Keyless ignition N/A
Sun roof N/A
Navigation system N/A
Roof rails N/A
Power locks Standard
Power mirrors N/A
Power outlets N/A
Power steering N/A
Power windows N/A


EPA smog score 6
EPA GHG score 5
Combined CO2/mile 416 g
Stops the engine instead of idling No
Disables engine cylinders under low loads Yes

engine & drivetrain

Engine size 3.5L
Air compressor None
Fuel Gas
Cylinders V6
Paddle shifters N/A
Gearing type Traditional
Transmission 6-speed Automatic 2WD

suspension, wheels & brakes

Front brakes Disc
Rear brakes Disc
Front wheel width 245 mm
Front wheel diameter 19 inch
Front wheel aspect ratio 55

safety features

Active head restraints No
Antilock brakes N/A
Child door locks Standard
Electronic stability control N/A
Traction control N/A
Rear camera N/A
Rear sensor N/A
Park assist system N/A
Communication system None

physical dimensions

Front track width 66.3 in
Height 67.6 in
Ground clearance 7.3 in
Length 193.6 in
Wheelbase 111 in
Curb weight 4,103 lb
Has a rear spoiler No
Seats 7 seats
Front seat room 56 ft³
Rear seat room 48 ft³
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