2014 Acura RDX 

  • $35k
  • 3.5L V6
  • 20 city 28 hwy
7.5 Out of 10
Available in front-wheel drive (FWD) or-all-wheel drive (AWD), the RDX further impresses with one of the best optional audio systems on the market and top-notch ergonomics.
by KBB (May, 2013)
The cabin has characteristically Acura form and function, with a tech style and a central pod of dash controls, and there are plenty of soft-touch and matter elements to lend an upscale look and feel.
by The Car Connection (May, 2014)

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Acura RDX
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Acura RDX
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Acura RDX

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Acura RDX
RX 350

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Acura RDX

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Acura RDX
CX-5 Sport

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Acura RDX
20 MPG
CX-5 Sport
28 MPG

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Acura RDX
CX-5 Sport

Reviews Word on the street for the Acura RDX

The big V-6 in the 2014 RDX gives up some of the surge and urge of the previous turbo engine, but it's much smoother, quieter, and fitting of its luxury badge.

The Acura RDX is a midsize crossover that's sold in front- or all-wheel-drive form.

ACURA/ELS SURROUND SOUNDWhile it's comprised of a comparatively low speaker count, the available Acura/ELS sound system is one of the best factory-installed sound systems money can buy.


8.0 Out of 10

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The current RDX bucks the former model's turbo four in favor of a large, 3.5-liter V-6.
by The Car Connection (May, 2014)
With a willing turbocharged four-cylinder, a torque-vectoring rear differential, and typically sharp Acura responses, the first generation was the driver’s compact crossover.
by Car and Driver (Oct, 2013)
We’ll miss the turbocharged four, but the RDX’s 3.5-liter V-6 tops the four by 33 horsepower.
by Car and Driver (Oct, 2013)


The 2014 Acura RDX has competitive cargo space and a quality interior—and it's surprisingly quiet and composed.
by The Car Connection (May, 2014)
The RDX is closely related to the Honda CR-V, and so it inherits much of the CR-V's excellent interior packaging sensibilities—including a low cargo floor, well-designed front and rear seats, and good versatility.
by The Car Connection (May, 2014)
The cabin itself is very quiet, and comfortable from the back seat, too.
by The Car Connection (May, 2014)


The smooth, strong V-6 in the RDX highlights excellent handling and a really well-tuned chassis.
by The Car Connection (May, 2014)
The Acura RDX was once way ahead of the game in the trend for crossovers to go to turbochargers and downsized engines.
by The Car Connection (May, 2014)
Cylinder-deactivation systems have had a rather tainted past, but today's computer-assisted engine management systems make for a smoother application.
by KBB (May, 2013)


The all-wheel drive system is no longer of the SH-AWD variety (that's left to the MDX), but as the angle of ascent changes or wheel slip in front is sensed, more torque is delivered to the rear wheels.
by The Car Connection (May, 2014)
Apart from all-wheel-drive and a handful of dealer-installed accessories, optional features for the 2014 RDX are grouped together in the $3,700 Technology Package.
by KBB (May, 2013)
It got a few things right—like the just-right size, nimble handling, and attractive design—but it offered plenty of rough spots, too, including a rough ride, laggy power delivery, and surprisingly lackluster gas mileage.
by The Car Connection (May, 2014)


The 2014 Acura RDX is is mid-pack for a luxury crossover this size, but with its V-6 it does pack a lot of punch per gallon.
by The Car Connection (May, 2014)
A V6 uses six of them – hence the name – but this system enables the engine to run on four or even three, essentially making it a smaller, more fuel-efficient power plant.
by KBB (May, 2013)
The 2014 Acura RDX only comes with one engine: a 3.5-liter V-6.
by The Car Connection (May, 2014)

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Brand Acura
Model year 2014
City range 320 miles
Highway range 448 miles
MSRP $35k
Annual cost $9,276

Manufacturing Emissions

Energy per car made 1,916 kWh/vehicle

engine & drivetrain

Engine size 3.5L
Air compressor None
Fuel Gas
Cylinders V6
Paddle shifters N/A
Gearing type Traditional
Transmission 6-speed Automatic 2WD

suspension, wheels & brakes

Rear suspension Multi link
Front brakes 12.28 in Ventilated Disc
Rear brakes 12.01 in Disc
Front wheel width 235 mm
Front wheel diameter 18 inch
Front wheel aspect ratio 60

safety features

Active head restraints Yes
  1. Driver
  2. Passenger
  3. Side
  4. Head curtain
Antilock brakes Standard
Child door locks Standard
Electronic stability control Standard
Traction control Standard
Rear camera N/A
Rear sensor N/A
Park assist system N/A
Communication system None

physical dimensions

Width 73.7 in
Front track width 63.1 in
Height 66.1 in
Ground clearance 8.1 in
Length 183.5 in
Wheelbase 105.7 in
Curb weight 3,717 lb
GVWR 4,850 pounds
Tow weight 1,500 pounds
Has a rear spoiler Yes
Seats 5 seats
Front seat room 55 ft³
Rear seat room 48 ft³


EPA smog score 6
EPA GHG score 6
Carbon monoxide/mile 0.9 g
Combined CO2/mile 385 g
Methane/mile 0.03 g
NMOG/mile 0.04 g
Nitrogen oxide/mile 0.02 g
Vapor canisters 1
Vapor canister capacity 135 g
Bleed canisters 0
Catalytic converters 3
Stops the engine instead of idling No
Disables engine cylinders under low loads Yes
Recirculates exhaust gas Yes

power & handling

Max torque 251 ft-lb @ 5,000 RPM
Max HP 273 HP @ 6,200 RPM
Power-to-weight ratio 13.62 lb/hp
Curb-to-curb turning radius 38.9 feet

stereo & entertainment

Brand Generic
Speakers 7 speakers
Wattage 360 watts
Has a speed sensitive volume Yes
Has a subwoofer No
Auxiliary input Yes
AM/FM radio Standard
CD player Standard
CD changer N/A
Satellite radio Standard
Entertainment system N/A


Cruise control Standard
Front A/C N/A
Front passenger A/C N/A
Keyless entry Standard
Keyless ignition N/A
Sun roof N/A
Navigation system N/A
Roof rails N/A
Power locks Standard
Power mirrors Standard
Power outlets Standard
Power steering Standard
Power windows Standard
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