2013 Ford F-150 XLT Standard Cab 3.7L 145-in RWD 

  • $30k
  • 3.7L V6
  • 17 city 23 hwy
7.5 Out of 10
In any case, the F-150's six-speed automatic transmission continues to play a key role in its fuel efficiency.
by cars.com (Jun, 2012)
The F-150 earns its excellent performance rating with a wide range of powertrains and excellent V-6 gas mileage; we'd choose an EcoBoost.
by The Car Connection (May, 2013)

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F-150 XLT
1500 SLT
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F-150 XLT
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F-150 XLT
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F-150 XLT
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F-150 XLT
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F-150 XLT

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F-150 XLT
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F-150 XLT
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1500 SLT
21 MPG

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F-150 XLT
Tundra Grade

Reviews Word on the street for the Ford F-150

With King Ranch editions, EcoBoost V-6 turbos, and a Harley-Davidson model wearing basic black like it owns it, how can the F-Series Ford truck get better?

XLT and other work-oriented trims get a new two-bar grille while uplevel trims have a three-bar design.



8.7 Out of 10

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There's a new 2013 Ram 1500 V-6 with an eight-speed automatic coming soon, too, and its promised fuel economy numbers are exceptional.
by The Car Connection (May, 2013)
The six-speed automatic (standard across the board) gets paired with taller rear axles to help it accelerate to 60 mph in under 10 seconds, and gas mileage still pushes the envelope, at up to 23 miles per gallon on the EPA highway cycle, while towing capacity is a reasonable 6,100 pounds.
by The Car Connection (May, 2013)
With no powertrain changes announced for the 2013 model year, the Ford F-150's gas-mileage ratings are expected to remain unchanged from last year.
by The Car Connection (May, 2013)


In some cases, they're among the best in the segment, and Ford's had great success shifting many of its buyers from thirstier V-8s into more efficient turbocharged V-6 versions.
by The Car Connection (May, 2013)
Back in 2011, Ford updated the entire powertrain lineup in the F-150, replacing a modular V-8 with a pair of V-6s and a pair of V-8s.
by The Car Connection (May, 2013)
Of course, if you want to hang with the popular crowd, you'll need the turbocharged, 3.5-liter version of the six.
by The Car Connection (May, 2013)


But both models are significantly more expensive than their base versions, and are sold in very limited volumes-whereas Ford says V-6 F-150s now account for almost half its full-size trucks sales.
by The Car Connection (May, 2013)
The quartet of powertrains that replaced Ford's old modular V-8s in the 2011 model year are back, unchanged for 2013.
by The Car Connection (May, 2013)
The most powerful engine found in the off-road-ready Raptor guzzles gas to the tune of 11/14 mpg-but the base six-cylinder that can replace an eight for many buyers is rated as high as 17/23 mpg, tops in big pickups.
by The Car Connection (May, 2013)


In the post-Dodge-Ram era, emphatic styling's been a selling point among full-size pickup trucks, and the F-150's slab sides and its huge grille have a following that hasn't dropped off as it's grown bolder and bigger.
by The Car Connection (May, 2013)
For 2013, the F-150 gets revised exterior styling.
by cars.com (Jun, 2012)
It's been a huge departure from the prior F-150, which took up a smooth, rounded shape in the 1997 model year and for its time, changed the notion of truck styling.
by The Car Connection (May, 2013)


Brushed metal surfaces and black-painted dash accents also add a custom appearance.
by cars.com (Jun, 2012)
Other F-150s get a new 4.2-inch dash screen for the stereo and climate systems.
by cars.com (Jun, 2012)
The truck's platform remains the same for 2013, but adds noticeable visual changes and slight refinements to the interior.
by cars.com (Jun, 2012)

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Brand Ford
Body style Truck
Model year 2013
City range 442 miles
Highway range 598 miles
MSRP $30k
Annual cost $8,778

engine & drivetrain

Engine size 3.7L
Air compressor None
Fuel Gas
Cylinders V6
Paddle shifters N/A
Gearing type Traditional
Transmission 6-speed Automatic 2WD

suspension, wheels & brakes

Front brakes 13.82 in Ventilated Disc
Rear brakes 13.7 in Ventilated Disc
Front wheel width 235 mm
Front wheel diameter 17 inch
Front wheel aspect ratio 75

safety features

Active head restraints No
  1. Driver
  2. Passenger
  3. Side
  4. Head curtain
Antilock brakes Standard
Child door locks N/A
Electronic stability control Standard
Traction control Standard
Rear camera N/A
Rear sensor N/A
Park assist system N/A
Communication system Ford SYNC

physical dimensions

Width 79.2 in
Front track width 67 in
Height 75.6 in
Ground clearance 8.5 in
Length 231.8 in
Wheelbase 145 in
Curb weight 4,764 lb
GVWR 6,750 pounds
Tow weight 5,600 pounds
Has a rear spoiler No
Seats 3 seats
Front seat room 65 ft³


EPA smog score 6
EPA GHG score 4
Combined CO2/mile 470 g
Lifetime CO2 emissions 71 tons

Manufacturing Emissions

Water per car made 4.3 m³
CO2 per car made 0.9 metric ton
Energy per car made 2,449 kWh/vehicle
Waste per car made 9 kg

power & handling

Max torque 278 ft-lb @ 4,000 RPM
Max HP 302 HP @ 6,500 RPM
Power-to-weight ratio 15.77 lb/hp
Curb-to-curb turning radius 47 feet

stereo & entertainment

Brand Generic
Speakers 4 speakers
Has a speed sensitive volume Yes
Has a subwoofer No
Auxiliary input Yes
AM/FM radio Standard
CD player Standard
CD changer N/A
Satellite radio Optional, $195
Entertainment system N/A


Cruise control Standard
Front A/C Standard
Front passenger A/C N/A
Keyless entry Standard
Keyless ignition N/A
Sun roof N/A
Navigation system N/A
Roof rails N/A
Power locks Standard
Power mirrors Standard
Power outlets Standard
Power steering Standard
Power windows Standard
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