2014 Subaru Forester 2.5i 

  • $22k
  • 2.5L
  • 22 city 29 hwy
8.4 Out of 10
The suspension tuning is compliant, and body roll abundant.
by Car and Driver (Apr, 2013)
Sport Sharp enables a transformation in the 2.0XT's CVT—essentially making it 'pretend' it's an eight-speed automatic transmission, with relatively snappy shifts and manual control via steering-wheel paddle-shifters (which are omitted on 2.5i models).
by The Car Connection (Jan, 2014)

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Forester 2.5i

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Reviews Word on the street for the Subaru Forester

If you want to go with the greater performance of the XT, we think the CVT is quite livable and unobtrusive, and the simulated eight-speed mode really redeems it (although it can’t quite nail the downshifts quickly and make them smooth).

The CVT version comes with the panoramic moonroof and adjustable center armrest standard while the manual does not.

New, more efficient electrically-boosted power steering provides more positive feedback while the revamped chassis does an admirable job of keeping body roll in check under hard cornering.


8.5 Out of 10

What People Are Saying Give it to me straight


The good news here is North American Foresters get a new direct-injected, turbocharged version of the naturally aspirated 2.0-liter boxer used in the BRZ; a six-speed manual replaces the moldy five-speed; and the Forester is finally rid of the four-speed automatic (soon to make its own appearance on Antiques Roadshow).
by Car and Driver (Nov, 2012)
The Lineartronic CVT is available on the 2.5i/2.5i Premium, while the 2.5i Premium with CVT also can be had with the All-Weather Package (standard on Foresters with the 6-speed manual transmission).
by KBB (Jun, 2013)
If you’re going for the standard 2.5i model, the CVT will be just fine for most people, but our favorite remains the six-speed manual.
by The Car Connection (Jan, 2014)


The XT is now CVT-only, but again, this is a very sophisticated CVT.
by MotorTrend
XT turbo models get a special version of the CVT, though, that can simulate an eight-speed automatic transmission when wanted.
by The Car Connection (Jan, 2014)
With its new-generation horizontally opposed four-cylinder engines, combined with the fitment of the latest Lineartronic continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) in place of the former four-speed automatics, Subaru has managed to improve both gas mileage and performance.
by The Car Connection (Jan, 2014)


As long as you're not expecting STI levels of at-the-limit handling, you'll probably find the performance plenty rewarding, but the Forester definitely is not a sports car.
by MotorTrend
So even though there’s more body roll than in athletic competitors such as the CX-5 and Escape, the Forester is capable of delivering surprising competence in fast cornering, or it would if the steering would cooperate.
by Car and Driver (Apr, 2013)
We found the new Forester to have especially good body control, as well as very well-tuned and nicely weighted rack-mounted electric power-steering.
by The Car Connection (Jan, 2014)


Redesigned from the ground up, the 2014 Forester raises its practical and personable character to an even higher level, gaining a new sense of style, more space, additional refinement, better performance and improved fuel economy.
by KBB (Jun, 2013)
Subaru says this Forester is the quietest vehicle it's ever made, and impressive aerodynamics helps the seemingly boxy SUV's fuel economy, too.
by cars.com (Jan, 2013)
The throttle is borderline jumpy, but above about 35 mph, you realize it's a tuning ruse.
by MotorTrend


The CVT is an additional $1,000.
by cars.com (Jan, 2013)
We primarily stuck with Sport Sharp mode during our drive, finding the sort-of-actual gearchanges more interesting than the regular CVT slurring.
by Car and Driver (Jan, 2013)
The XT model has the paddle shifters, which seem like somewhat of an affectation in a model with a CVT.
by MotorTrend

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Brand Subaru
Model year 2014
City range 349 miles
Highway range 461 miles
MSRP $22k
Annual cost $6,605

engine & drivetrain

Engine size 2.5L
Air compressor None
Fuel Gas
Cylinders I4
Paddle shifters N/A
Gearing type Traditional
Transmission 6-speed Manual 4x4

stereo & entertainment

Brand Generic
Speakers 4 speakers
Has a speed sensitive volume Yes
Has a subwoofer No
Auxiliary input Yes
AM/FM radio Standard
CD player Standard
CD changer N/A
Satellite radio N/A
Entertainment system N/A


Cruise control Standard
Front A/C N/A
Front passenger A/C N/A
Keyless entry Standard
Keyless ignition N/A
Sun roof Optional, $122
Navigation system N/A
Roof rails N/A
Power locks Standard
Power mirrors Standard
Power outlets Optional, $409
Power steering N/A
Power windows Standard


EPA smog score 9
EPA GHG score 6
Combined CO2/mile 365 g
Stops the engine instead of idling No
Disables engine cylinders under low loads No

power & handling

Max torque 174 ft-lb @ 4,100 RPM
Max HP 170 HP @ 5,800 RPM
Power-to-weight ratio 19.39 lb/hp
Curb-to-curb turning radius 34.8 feet

suspension, wheels & brakes

Front brakes 11.61 in Ventilated Disc
Rear brakes 10.79 in Disc
Front wheel width 225 mm
Front wheel diameter 17 inch
Front wheel aspect ratio 60

safety features

Active head restraints No
  1. Head curtain
  2. Knee
  3. Driver
  4. Passenger
  5. Side
Antilock brakes Standard
Child door locks Standard
Electronic stability control Standard
Traction control Standard
Rear camera N/A
Rear sensor N/A
Park assist system N/A
Communication system None

physical dimensions

Width 70.7 in
Front track width 60.9 in
Height 66.4 in
Ground clearance 8.7 in
Length 180.9 in
Wheelbase 103.9 in
Curb weight 3,296 lb
GVWR 4,480 pounds
Tow weight 1,500 pounds
Has a rear spoiler No
Seats 5 seats
Front seat room 59 ft³
Rear seat room 49 ft³
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