2014 Ford F-150 XL Standard Cab 3.7L 126-in RWD 

  • $25k
  • 3.7L V6
  • 17 city 23 hwy
Straight-line performance is fine, but towing is the lowest of the lineup and torque feels thin below 3000 rpm.
by The Car Connection (Apr, 2014)
It's agreeably smooth and moderately powerful-it's actually stronger than the old 4.6-liter V-8, and posts better fuel economy, at 17/23 mpg with the six-speed automatic that's standard in all F-150s.
by The Car Connection (Apr, 2014)

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F-150 XL

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A new Tremor sport truck based on the short-wheelbase regular-cab F-150 combines the exterior styling of the FX Appearance Package with a 365-horsepower, twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6 engine under the hood.

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It's a seamless fit with the big pickup: though it's tuned differently in the F-150 than in other applications, such as the Ford Flex crossover, it's effortlessly strong at low engine speeds, with bags of torque and excellent passing power from a wide powerband across the engine's mid-range.
by The Car Connection (Apr, 2014)
It's the same engine as the six in the latest Mustang lineup, and in this instance it produces 302 horsepower and 278 pound-feet of torque.
by The Car Connection (Apr, 2014)
There's also Trailer Sway Control, which can take control of both braking effort and engine speed to help stay stable, while the F-150 lineup also gets Ford's first-ever Hill Descent Control, for safe descents down slippery slopes.
by The Car Connection (Apr, 2014)


Now they're truly muscular, especially at Ford, where the 5.0-liter V-8 endows the F-150 with a Mustang GT powertrain and its sizzling exhaust note, too.
by The Car Connection (Apr, 2014)
For them, Ford mints a pair of V-8s related to the new V-6s.
by The Car Connection (Apr, 2014)
The lineage from the Mustang is clear and audible, down to the rip-snort exhaust, in the 5.0-liter V-8.
by The Car Connection (Apr, 2014)


The 5.0-liter V-8 is good for up to 10,000 pounds with a regular-cab, long-bed, 4x2 F-150 and a special heavy-duty package.
by The Car Connection (Apr, 2014)
A pair of V-6s and a pair of V-8s give the F-150 a big performance envelope; our favorite's the torquey twin-turbo V-6.
by The Car Connection (Apr, 2014)
The engine lineup in the F-150 was updated three years ago, bringing a pair of V-8s and a pair of V-6s to the option list.
by The Car Connection (Apr, 2014)


Ford has made huge strides in terms of interior quality, and although the materials aren't free of imperfections they are well ahead of what consumers are used to from Ford.
by The Car Connection (Apr, 2014)
The F-150 has a well-trimmed cabin in most versions, and a tough and angular look that's held up well.
by The Car Connection (Apr, 2014)
Give it leather chaps and fringe and a big belt buckle and it's a King Ranch cowboy; suit it up in black with tasteful orange pinstripes and it's a Harley-Davidson.
by The Car Connection (Apr, 2014)


Overall, the F-150 lineup is bristling with protective technology, and the list of safety features rivals that of any other pickup on the road—including side-curtain airbags, anti-lock brakes, and electronic stability control with Roll Stability Control.
by The Car Connection (Apr, 2014)
Ride quality is decent, a little jittery on 4x4 versions and a notch below the Ram 1500 most of the time, but braking performance is impressive for such a large vehicle, and Ford has finally mastered a more confident, firm brake pedal feel with this latest version.
by The Car Connection (Apr, 2014)
At the same time, limited-slip differentials on EcoBoost and 5.0-liter F-150s are being replaced by systems that use anti-lock brakes to simulate limited-slip devices, for a less expensive, less weighty, more widespread solution.
by The Car Connection (Apr, 2014)

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Brand Ford
Body style Truck
Model year 2014
City range 442 miles
Highway range 598 miles
MSRP $25k
Annual cost $7,831

power & handling

Max torque 278 ft-lb @ 4,000 RPM
Max HP 302 HP @ 6,500 RPM
Power-to-weight ratio 15.51 lb/hp
Curb-to-curb turning radius 41.7 feet

stereo & entertainment

AM/FM radio Optional, $0
CD player Optional, $0
CD changer N/A
Satellite radio N/A
Entertainment system N/A


Cruise control Optional, $0
Front A/C N/A
Front passenger A/C N/A
Keyless entry N/A
Keyless ignition N/A
Sun roof N/A
Navigation system N/A
Roof rails N/A
Power locks N/A
Power mirrors N/A
Power outlets Standard
Power steering Standard
Power windows N/A

engine & drivetrain

Engine size 3.7L
Air compressor None
Fuel Gas
Cylinders V6
Paddle shifters N/A
Gearing type Traditional
Transmission 6-speed Automatic 2WD

suspension, wheels & brakes

Front brakes 13.82 in Ventilated Disc
Rear brakes 13.7 in Ventilated Disc
Front wheel width 235 mm
Front wheel diameter 17 inch
Front wheel aspect ratio 75

safety features

Active head restraints No
  1. Driver
  2. Passenger
  3. Side
  4. Head curtain
Antilock brakes Standard
Child door locks N/A
Electronic stability control Standard
Traction control Standard
Rear camera N/A
Rear sensor N/A
Park assist system N/A
Communication system None

physical dimensions

Width 79.2 in
Front track width 67 in
Height 74.8 in
Ground clearance 8.2 in
Length 213.2 in
Wheelbase 126 in
Curb weight 4,685 lb
GVWR 6,450 pounds
Tow weight 5,500 pounds
Has a rear spoiler No
Seats 3 seats
Front seat room 65 ft³
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