Volkswagen Plans to Offer Wireless Charging By 2017

If you live in the U.S., you probably don’t associate Volkswagen with electric vehicles. But, believe it or not, the German automaker is currently pushing its way full force into the electric market, with at least one electric model — the e-Golf — planned to hit the States later this year. However, that’s not the most interesting thing Volkswagen’s got up its sleeve.

Volkswagen plans to offer a wireless charging option for its electric vehicles starting in 2017. No, this isn’t just a pipe dream — Volkswagen already has the technology. In fact, wireless charging is already a thing that exists for some electric vehicles, though converting your existing EV to use it requires an additional investment.

Granted, Volkswagen’s technology in “pre-development,” but the will to bring wireless charging to the public is definitely there. According to Ecomento, the thing that’s holding Volkswagen back from releasing the technology sooner is an issue with standardization. From Ecomento:

“The decision to hold back stems from a concern that the drawbacks highlighted by a lack of standardisation for corded charging could similarly hinder wireless charging – currently not every type of electric car can charge up at a given electric charging station. When applied to inductive charging this could become hugely expensive for two-EV households and inconvenient for anybody using a public station.”

What are the benefits of wireless (also called inductive) charging? Convenience, of course. Rather than plugging in, you simply park your vehicle over a wireless charging pad and let it do its thing. Plus, without all the messy cords required for the usual charging experience, wireless chargers just look cleaner and cooler.

Would you use wireless charging for your EV, or are you happy with your current charging options? Let us know!

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