Should I Buy a Smart Car?

Considering making your commute more efficient by trading in your old clunker for a smart car? Read this list of pros and cons first:


They’re extremely maneuverable

One of the things smart car owners consistently rave about is the maneuverability. They’re so small, lane changes and quick handling are a breeze.

You can park just about anywhere

No parking spaces? No problem. Smart cars are so compact, they can park in spots other cars wouldn’t fit in.

You’ll get better mileage

Because they’re lighter, smaller, and designed to be efficient, smart cars undoubtedly get better gas mileage than just about any regular-sized car you can find. You know what that means: you’ll save at the pump.

Some, like the Smart Fortwo, are even electric-powered in addition to being tiny! You can’t get much better than that.


Space is limited

Smart cars are, by definition, small. You can’t pile all your friends into the back seat and go cruising around in a smart car. You can’t take your kids to soccer practice in a smart car. Heck, you can’t even load up on all kinds of stuff at the store and expect to be able to transport it home in your smart car.

If you plan on driving alone or with one passenger and a small amount of cargo, a smart car will work. Any more than that, and you’ll need to look into something bigger.

They’re probably less safe in a crash

While we don’t have the stats to back this up, it seems pretty obvious that if you put a smart car up against a full-sized SUV, the smart car will not emerge victorious. Although they have plenty of interior airbags and other safety features, safety in high-speed crashes could definitely be a concern with smart cars.

The bottom line

If you need an in-town commuter car that’ll get you from A to B cheaply and efficiently without much fuss, a smart car is worth considering. If you spend a lot of time on the highway, or have a family or lots of items to transport, look into something a little roomier.

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