Forget Cow Tipping: Smart Car Tipping Is Where It’s At

On the streets of San Francisco, someone is taking the ancient art of cow tipping and giving it a modern spin. Behold: smart car tipping.

The main selling feature of smart cars is their incredibly compact size. Their tiny frame makes them perfect for parking in tight spaces, and their relative lightness (about 1,800 to 2,000 pounds) gives them great gas mileage. Unfortunately, it also means they can be lifted off the ground by a small group of people — leaving them vulnerable to being moved or even tipped over by pranksters.

A wave of smart car tippings has swept San Francisco, California recently, with four cars tipped in the past week alone. Two were found on their sides, while one was on its back end pointing up, and yet another was completely upside down. There aren’t presently any solid leads about who’s behind the tippings, though one witness reported they saw a group of people dressed in black, tipping smart cars in the night.

Other tippings have been reported in Columbus, Ohio. Columbus police are on the case, and have branded the crime, “urban cow tipping.”

While most consider smart car tipping to be a simple (though still illegal) prank, others fear it may signal some kind of class rebellion.

“It’s a bummer,” said Shelley Gallivan, who was taking care of her friend’s car — a gift left to her by her deceased father — when it was tragically flipped. “I’m sure hoping it’s just a prank and not those who are trying to make a bigger statement in regards to the gentrification in the city.”

If you own a smart car, you might want to park it in your garage for a while.

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